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Book Signing With Kathleen S. Blanchard

23 Jun 2010

Kathleen S. Blanchard will be signing copies of her book Listen To The Old on July 17 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Our culture champions and promotes “Youth.” Looking, staying and acting young are the goals of media, advertising and a compliant population. “Old” is dreary, sad and well, “old.” Take a little time, however, and listen to the old.

The people in these stories lived their lives in times of great personal challenge. They traveled their “journey-road,” and survived. They were strong, and didn’t even really know they were strong. They cloaked themselves in a mantle of purpose, self reliance and values as they traveled through the many years on their journey road. Making themselves rich, living a life only for the approval of others, or giving excuses for what befell them, was not in their make up. Each kept true to his or her code of personal worth and ethics. This is what drove them, this is what sustained them in the most trying of times, and this is how they survived.

About The Author:

Kathleen Blanchard began listening to the old as the Coordinator for Meals on Wheels., where older church volunteers and recipients of the program told her many stories of growing up and courting.

When her professional career expanded to actual case work with the old, she was able to devote significant time listening to the oldin order to help develop a care plan of benefits and programs to assist them. Her first supervisor, Lynne Keating, granted her the latitude to provide “friendly visiting” to lonely old people, enabling them to trust her and to find viable solutions for them.

She advanced in her career, first supervising coworkers, and later supervising five departments and 38 contracts. Thanks to the Executive Director at that time, Kathleen Donoghue, she adopted and implemented a management style recognizing staff people as the greatest organizational asset. People were nurtured, guided, supported and applauded in their work with the old. Without listening to the old, there would be no organization, and there would be no reason to come to work.

Kathleen S. Blanchard has over 25 years experience providing services and programs to the elderly.  She has been a Care Coordinator, formally called an Aging Service Worker, Community Service Director, and the Director of Programs for Senior Services of South West Virginia, the area agency on aging.

In her current position Mrs. Blanchard completes holistic and professional assessments of elderly clients for services, entitlements and programs that will improve the quality of life for them and their caregivers.  Mrs. Blanchard is a regular educator for LEE’S FRIENDS volunteer orientation on the topic “aging and Cancer.”   In 2006, 2007, 2008, she was the featured spokesperson for a major, regional Legislative Event advocating for the elderly.  She is a featured presenter at senior centers, churches, and forums.  In the past she has sat on the board of directors for multiple area commissions on aging, including the Norfolk Task Force on Aging inc., the Norfolk Commission On Aging, the Portsmouth Task Force On Aging, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Virginia Association On Aging. 

 Mrs. Blanchard received both her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as her Masters in Business Administration from Old Dominion University.   

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