Reading With Craig Reed

11 May 2010
Craig Reed will be reading from his book Red November at Prince Books on May 27, 2010, at 7:00 PM. 

About Red November: 

In the tradition of the bestselling Blind Man’s Bluff, a former seaman on nuclear fast-attack submarines provides a riveting history of the Cold War’s secret underwater struggle between the US and the USSR—and reveals previously undisclosed details of highly classified missions and technology. In 1991, after more than 40 years of tensions bordering on nuclear combat, the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States came to an end.  But one aspect—perhaps the most important—of the Cold War remains shrouded in mystery, its details long-protected by top secret classifications and the reluctance of those involved to speak: submarine warfare.

W. Craig Reed throws back the curtain on the underwater conflict that brought the world to the brink of nuclear warfare and back again numerous times over the course of 40 years. Through interviews with people who were there, in-depth research, and first-hand experience—he served on two submarines from 1975-1981 and his father was one of the chief designers of Soviet sub-detecting technologies—Reed sheds new light on a side of the Cold War many at the time did not even know existed. From the espionage missions of the Holystone program to underwater collisions between U.S. and Soviet subs, from stolen communication devices to the untold story of the Boresight project—a radical top-secret technology devised to detect the Soviet’s advanced use of burst radio transmissions—this book goes where no other has gone in exploring one of the most thrilling and frightening arenas of US military history. 

About the author: 

 W. Craig Reed served for six years as a Fire Control Technician First Class, a U.S. Navy Recon Diver and a Special Operations Photographer deployed on nuclear fast-attack submarines. He accompanied Navy SEAL teams on reconnaissance missions, and gained several commendations for completing top-secret missions during the Cold War. He is an alumnus or member of several military, veteran and technology associations with combined memberships of several hundred thousand. He was a former VP and Board Director for the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and founded two software companies. During his twenty-year career as a technology marketing executive, he wrote several books, articles, print ads, radio commercials and award-winning collateral. Born into a Navy family on the island of Guam, Reed now resides in Silicon Valley, CA.  

Reviews Of Red November:  

“This is an astonishing and important book…. Red November is a book that anyone with an interest in espionage or clandestine naval operations should read.” (George Friedman, author of America’s Secret War and The Next 100 Years )

“This history of the cold war beneath the sea reads very much like a thriller.... For serious submarine buffs, a feast.” (Booklist )

Red November delivers the real life feel and fears of submariners who risked their lives to keep the peace. Smart, detailed, and highly entertaining, this is a story everyone should read.” (Steve Berry, author of The Paris Vendetta )

Red November is palpably gripping and packs the excitement of a real-life thriller. I felt like I was literally on-board a submarine in the middle of a hair-raising mission and on the brink of World War III.” (David Morrell, bestselling author of The Shimmer )

Red November is a terrific, real-life thriller, filled with larger than life warriors, technological wizardry, undersea games of chicken, and a civilian world perched unknowing on the brink of push-button nuclear destruction.” (Barry Eisler, author of Fault Line )

“If Tom Clancy had turned The Hunt for Red October into a nonfiction thriller, W. Craig Reed’s Red November might be the result…. Not to be missed!” (James Rollins, bestselling author of The Doomsday Key )