Simon Heloise: Ancient Rebirth (Paperback)

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A story that combines a captivating future with the mesmerizing story of an ancient past. Simon Heloise is a young man, filled with talent and ingenuity. His life quickly starts to go in the wrong direction, as a powerful being starts to play with his future, keeping him from evolving into what he was meant to be. The powerful being tries to destroy him from the outside, before he could find an ancient object of immense power. Because of this, the whole future was altered, by the inevitable destruction of New York. The story develops in key parts of the world, including Seoul (South Korea), Sicily (Italy), and New York (U.S.A.) as Rica Valentine, with the help of a group of talented people, try to create a better present, from the future.

About the Author

Mister Sergiu Prodan is a talented writer. Imagination and creativity are his strong points. His passion for technology started to create a fantastic opportunity for his future.
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ISBN: 9781517183479
ISBN-10: 1517183472
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2015
Pages: 196
Language: English