Sex After...: Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes (Hardcover)

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The bestselling author of "The Secret Lives of Wives "offers a refreshingly straightforward guide to enjoying a long, satisfying sex life.
Women of the baby boomer generation know and trust Iris Krasnow as a writer who speaks candidly to the issues that concern them most. In the months following the publication of her most recent book, "The Secret Lives of Wives," Krasnow addressed thousands of women, and she discovered that two subjects dominated her audiences conversations: sex and change. Whether women are worried about marriage and divorce or illness and death, they re all asking: How do I handle the shifts in my sexuality caused by these events? "Sex After..." holds the answers to everything from regaining sexual confidence after childbirth and breast cancer to navigating the dating scene in senior communities.
As with all of Krasnow's books since her "New York Times" bestseller "Surrendering to Marriage," the narrative is driven by real women's stories: raw, intimate, and, most importantly, true. Prescriptive, emancipating, and insightful, "Sex After... "addresses a range of circumstances, including what happens:
When you or your spouse doesn t want sex anymoreAfter cancer, amputation, PTSD, or another illness maims the bodyIf you come out of the closet at middle ageWhen your marriage is damaged by adulteryIf you re dating again after twenty-five years with the same sexual partnerWhen your husband is addicted to Viagra
Filled with edgy and honest stories of carnal challenge and triumph from women of all backgrounds and life stages, "Sex After... "is Krasnow's signature take on "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask "during all of life's passages. Krasnow is a media and lecture tour favorite, and readers whether in the heat of an initial can t-eat-can t-sleep attraction or rounding the corner to their sixtieth anniversary will applaud her eye-opening perspectives on the one issue that can change lives for better or worse like nothing else.

About the Author

Iris Krasnow is a "New York Times" bestselling author, most recently of "The Secret Lives of Wives," ajournalist, professor, and professional speaker. She lives near Washington, DC, with her husband of twenty-five years. They have four grown sons."

Praise For…

Praise for the hardcover of Sex After...

"[Krasnow] alternates well-researched passages full of relevant statistics and quotes with frank stories about sex after major life events such as childbirth, illness, infidelity, and more...Those skeptical of Krasnow's assertion that, in the realm of sex, 'the 70s are the new 40s' surely will change their minds after reading this lusty litany"

"[Krasnow] is a knowledgeable guide who shows great respect to the variety of life circumstances and aims to put readers at ease...there is osmething relatable for everyone and many opportunities to gain new knowledge as one moves through life."
--Publishers Weekly

"A nuanced, revelatory account of the role of sexual freedom in modern intimacy"

"We think that sex is eternal but in fact our ideas on sex do change with the decades. Sex After… is full of comforting information about these changes. A book that will be read and reread with gratitude."
—Erica Jong, New York Times bestselling author of Fear of Flying

“This book will start conversations that need to be had, and discussions about female sexual health and pleasure that need to be better understood. Some of the best and most practical advice comes from those who have been there. I also know change to, and in, our sex lives is inevitable and that women want to know what other women really do to recreate their intimate and sexual landscape. Part validation, part guide, part supportive girlfriend, Sex After... is your close girlfriends in book form sharing the real goods—and I mean real goods—on what they did and do.”
—Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook and AASECT Certified Sex Educator


Praise for The Secret Lives of Wives

"One of Ten Titles to Pick Up Now. ‘Boyfriends with boundaries,’ separate summers, and other therapeutic strategies for maintaining wedded bliss over the long haul." O, the Oprah Magazine
"At first this book terrified me: another submission and sacrifice marriage manual for wives? Instead Iris Krasnow delivers astonishing candor, realistic compassion, and invaluable wisdom when it comes to how paradoxically infuriating and rewarding long-term marriages can be. The best book on marriage ever." — Leslie Morgan Steiner

  "In this breathtaking book, The Secret Lives of Wives, Iris Krasnow opens a window into the inner world of women whose unique courage and vision has enabled them to find relationship happiness over the long term. With wit and wisdom, she thoughtfully tells their stories and then fills the reader with brilliant ideas and concepts to apply to their own lives. This is as much of a men’s book as it was written by and for women." — Dr. Bill Cloke
"Iris Krasnow has managed to demystify the workings of long-term marriages by confirming the mysterious uniqueness of each one. The secret, she finds, lies in the way two people negotiate their own personal amalgam of companionship and sex, compromise and disappointment, lust and tenderness, trust and lies. The challenge for the rest of us is to do the same." — Suzanne Braun Levine

  "She whips up a spirited, enlightening cocktail of comfort, support and grace. Fulfilling and well-structured." Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9781592408276
ISBN-10: 1592408273
Publisher: Gotham Books
Publication Date: February 6th, 2014
Pages: 329
Language: English