Master the Hebrew Alphabet: Perfect your calligraphy skills and dominate the Hebraic script (Paperback)

Master the Hebrew Alphabet: Perfect your calligraphy skills and dominate the Hebraic script Cover Image
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Do you want to learn how to write the Hebrew letters with the proper stroke technique?

Do you need a trustworthy resource to teach your small children to trace the Hebrew alphabet?

Then this workbook is the perfect companion for your studies.

In it, you'll find all the Modern Hebrew consonants and the vowel diacritic marks. This workbook includes both the manual print and the cursive version of each letter.

On top of that, you'll also find the dagesh (dotted) and sofit (end of word) letters.

Your benefits:

  • Clear large letters make it easy to recognize even the most detailed of the Hebrew characters.
  • Pronunciation instructions help you recognize the character you are drawing.
  • Detailed stroke order instructions provide you with a strong foundation to build your handwriting skills.
  • Dedicated "Trace and Learn From Right to Left" sections are designed to imprint proper stroke technique unto your muscle memory.
  • Font variations train your brain to recognize alternative character styles, including an alternate cursive Hebrew font.
  • As a bonus, for each character, you'll find two extra 8.5 x 11 inches pages fully dedicated to the handwriting practice of that letter in both the manual print and cursive style. Feel free to photocopy these bonus pages as you wish to extend the lifetime value of your workbook.
  • On page 103 you'll find a reference chart detailing each of the niqqud diacritical signs, followed by several pages of vowel calligraphy training.

Special information:

Like all Lang Workbooks, this work is a labor of love.

Accordingly, if you are a teacher, a student of Hebrew, or homeschooling your children, then you can photocopy any part of this workbook for your own, or your students, personal use.

Learning to write the Hebrew script by heart has never been easy.

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ISBN: 9781691222148
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 8th, 2019
Pages: 122
Language: English