Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems (Paperback)

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Practical Solutions gives readers, not just a sample but, the essence of applying strategic, Solution-Focused Therapy to resolving "normal problems."

By applying the exercises and novel perspective of Practical Solutions readers will be set free of erroneous concepts, feelings, and beliefs about themselves that may be keeping them from experiencing the full joy of their unique version of Life.

In these pages, readers could find a new perspective on how to live their lives free of excessive anxiety, stress, and worry. They will learn how to tap deeper resources within themselves that have been repressed by early training and fear.

This book will help them warm to life those aspects of their true self that they had to freeze away in order to fit in, or to just survive.

Dr. Fiore's Practical Solutions is the result of over forty years of work as a clinical psychologist with clients and as a coach to entrepreneurs and CEOS - and from work on himself -- to discover clear and practical paths to Inner Peace and Optimal Performance.

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ISBN: 9781722505509
ISBN-10: 1722505508
Publisher: G&D Media
Publication Date: February 16th, 2021
Pages: 198
Language: English