Walmart,, Prince Books, and You

15 Dec 2009

Interested in learning more about why it's important to patronize Prince Books and your other favorite independent bookstores? Prince's Holly Wielkoszewski recently contributed an article to AltDaily, a Hampton Roads culture and opinion blog. 

An excerpt:

You read for many reasons: to learn, to laugh, to escape, to relax.
And you, the reader, are supported in your reading choices by an
extensive industry, ranging from the writer scribbling in her favorite
coffeeshop, to the publisher taking a chance on an unknown, through
numerous supplier steps, and finally to you via your favorite bookstore.

How would it impact you if a link in this chain were to break?

Recently, one of the links has begun to crumble. In October, and Walmart began a so-called “price war,” selling 10 titles
by perennial bestsellers such as Stephen King and Michael Crichton for
under $10. Why is this a problem, you might ask? If you can put your
hands on King’s Under the Dome at under a penny a page, isn’t that a win?

Well in the short run, and for your pocketbook, the answer is likely
yes. But in the long term, this type of devaluation of books, and the
creative process that inspires them, threatens to undermine the variety
of the industry, and ultimately, the books that you can choose to read.

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